• DPA Mission Statement

    The Dallas Producers Association is a professional organization providing promotion, advocacy, education and networking for our membership. Membership is open to any company or individual of high standing, based in North Texas, that has managerial, budget or creative control for the production of moving visual media.

    DPA promotes the membership throughout our industry and to organizations of companies which use our services. We are advocates for our members in legal, business and political forums effecting our livelihood. The organization delivers on-going professional development to our members as producers, businesspeople and citizens. Finally, fellowship between members builds a network of resources and fosters friendly competition.

    Definition of a Producer

    The duly elected officers and appointed directors of the professional trade organization the Dallas Producers Association hereby define the professional trade position of Producer and its affiliated titles as the following:

    • A Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises and controls, either on their own authority, or subject to the authority of a client, all aspects of the media production process, including creative, financial, technological and administrative.
    • Media Production includes motion picture, television, corporate/industrial, commercial, documentary, website, animation, video game, and other production media involving the moving visual arts.
    • A Producer is involved throughout all phases of production from inception to completion, including coordination, supervision and control of all other talents and crafts, subject to the provisions of their personal service contracts, if applicable.
    • A Producer has completed, verifiable credits of finished productions available for distribution.
    • An Executive Producer supervises, either on his own authority or subject to the authority of a client one or more producers in the performance of all of their producer functions on single or multiple productions. In television, an Executive Producer may also be the Creator/Writer of a series.
    • An Associate Producer performs one or more producer functions delegated to them by a producer, under the supervision of such producer.
    • Co-Producers are two or more functioning producers who perform jointly or cumulatively all of the producer functions as a team or group.
    • A Supervising Producer supervises one or more producers in the performance of some or all of their producer functions, on single or multiple productions, either in place of, or subject to the overriding authority of an Executive Producer.
    • A Segment Producer produces one or more individual segments of a multi-segment production, also containing individual segments produced by others.
    • A Coordinating Producer coordinates the work of two or more individual producers working separately on single or multiple productions in order to achieve a unified end result.
    • A Line Producer performs the Producer functions involved in supervising the physical aspects of the making of a motion picture or television production where the creative decision-making process is reserved to others, except to such extent as the Line Producer is permitted to participate. Unit Production Managers, who perform no more than the customary services of a Unit Production Manager, should be credited only as such.
    Base definitions courtesy of the Producers Guild of America.

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