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AMP Creative

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AMP Creative is a digital media company, producing digital assets ranging from traditional video to 360 video and virtual reality.\n\nWe have script-to-screen capability and offices in both Dallas, TX and Seattle, WA. We’ll collaborate with you to get your message out creatively, on budget, and on time. Bring us your challenges and we’ll deliver their solutions—whether that means applying cutting-edge tech or creative workarounds. We consider ourselves brand ambassadors and work hard to be in tune with your changing needs.\n\nAMP Creative also provides local cameras and crews for production companies, networks and corporations from around the world. There’s a saying in Texas: “This ain’t our first rodeo.” Whatever the shoot, it’s likely our folks have done it before. We’ve got great camera operators, great gear, and great support. Our crew coordinator handles the details and picks the right professionals for your job. When you’re producing on the road, it’s nice to know you’re not alone.\n\nOur promise: Creative hearts. Strategic minds. Hands on technology.
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PO Box 551177
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April 15, 2002
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Ofelia Yanez
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