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Big Tex Entertainment

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Big Tex Entertainment is a unique full-service production company with equal male and female ownership with a deep background in all things story. Film, commercials, branded content, and broadcast television are avenues that we have used to tell real stories from real people. In our polarizing world, what connects us is the ability to see inside someone else’s perspective and we thrive on bringing those stories to life through a camera. With hundreds of hours of television programming, specifically in the reality TV genre, we know the importance of allowing real people with raw emotions tell their story and reach the desired audience, all with a cinematic swagger. \n\nBig Tex Entertainment has decades of experience, yet are still young at heart. We celebrate the technology that helps us tell narratives—almost instantly—in a very personal way. Our background is unique having overseen productions with over $100M as a budget to smaller budgets of just a few thousand, each time delivering a cinematic product that hits the desired demographic.
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12689 Flanders Drive
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Jeff Ross
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