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Duane Journey

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Duane Journey has worn many hats in his illustrious career, including those of First Assistant Director, Line Producer, Head of Production, Production Manager, and Director. With over 40 years under his belt, Duane's expertise spans a plethora of production formats, from Features and Episodic content to Sitcoms, Reality shows, and Commercials. His exposure to diverse production environments speaks volumes about his versatility. He's held the title of Head of Production for three distinct companies: a multimillion-dollar indie film fund / production company for 3 years, a commercial production agency for 2 years, and an Ed Tech/commercial firm for 3 years. Recently, Duane concluded a three-year tenure as Head of Production for Genius Produced, one of the country's leading Ed Tech video production companies. In this role, he supervised the creation and delivery of over 1100 comprehensive video productions annually, each ranging from 20 minutes to an hour. He managed a post-production team comprising 17 editors, VFX artists, sound mixers, and more, coordinating up to two or three shooting crews daily. Furthermore, he collaborated closely with the CEO and VP of Development on budgeting, hiring production staff, and overseeing accounting teams. After relocating to Los Angeles immediately after high school, Duane got his start in the industry as a Production Assistant. He soon transitioned to the casting domain as an assistant. But it was the allure of the set that drew him in, prompting a switch to the technical side as a Grip and Electrician. Climbing the ranks, he took on roles as Key Grip and Gaffer. His dedication is evident in the number of companies and individuals that hire him over and over. His work has brought affiliations spanning five different union locals and guilds. After dedicating over two decades to technical leadership and with sporadic jumps in to production side,, Duane pivoted to the production line full-time. His vast experience encompasses serving as the First Assistant Director for over 60 commercial campaigns both in the U.S. and abroad, as well as dozens of feature films and television projects across 14 states and 9 countries. But Duane's talents aren't limited to organization and set management. His deep understanding of narrative nuances has also seen him step into the director's chair for various projects, including feature films, commercials, reality series, and award-winning shorts. With a cinematic odyssey that stretches over four decades, encompassing more than 200 projects and exceeding 500 episodes of Network TV, Duane's multifaceted journey encapsulates his vast contributions to the production world. From his invaluable roles in technical departments to steering projects as a producer, his trajectory underscores his profound love for film production and his enduring passion for storytelling through cinema.
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Duane Journey
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13738 Spring Grove Ave.
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