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Started in 2010, Floppy Ears Media makes fiction, documentaries, live action/event based projects and art films. "You know what you want, we know what you need". As a filmmaker I have a very broad skill set as Director, Writer, Producer, Shooter, and Editor. I work in fiction and documentary; comedy and drama. When not writing and directing my own films, I've served as field, segment, and associate producer; UPM, production manager and assistant director; props and art director; as well as archival & acquired footage producer. I write creative, editorial, dialog, business, grants and pitches/proposals. Well versed in standard business practices, legal concerns, and all distribution methodologies, I create budgets, manage events, people and am a fiercely tenacious researcher. I have a natural talent for interviewing subjects on camera. I’ve taught writing, directing, producing, art direction, post-production, best practices and capstone projects alongside film studies courses at the collegiate level. I've taught filmmaking camps for the Girl Scouts and at the Fair Park EarthX Expo in Dallas for student attendees. My academic and industry experience covers all aspects of the formal and aesthetic media-making process from development to post, analog to digital. Comfortable in digital platforms, my filmmaking foundation is in 16mm. I can bake a mean soufflé and train dogs, but not at the same time.
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Patty Newton
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‪(469) 607-9670‬
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P.O. Box 181004
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NBC/Universal, PBS
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