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After working in sports broadcast piloting the Skycam for various networks over the past 7 years I have realized my passion for flying all types of aerial cinema rigs. I have piloted in high intensity broadcasts such as The Superbowl in 2019 and 2021, PBR World Finals in 2021, the MLS Cup in 2020, and SHo Boxing in 2019. Through these live productions I have earned four sports Emmy Awards for live broadcast. In addition to flying the Skycam I have piloted ultralight sub 250 gram HD FPV drones all the way up to the dual operator 15 lb FPV behemoth known as the Honey Rocket. I have worked through the most brutal elements and learned to communicate with all crew sizes. If you have an aerial shot list, Dallas Aerials will take it to the next level.
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Tim Mueller
Chief Drone Pilot
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